Bob Moesta

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Bob Moesta is één van die auteurs waar je altijd van leert.

Het boek Demand Side Sales is een must read voor elkeen die de buyer beter wilt begrijpen....dat wil zeggen, iedereen in sales zeker? 

Moesta heeft met de grootste der aarde gewerkt, waaronder enkele van mijn persoonlijke all time heroes, Deming and Clayton Christensen.

Mede vandaar komt ook het Jobs to be Done Framework- achterliggend idee is dat onze kopers pas zullen kopen als er eerst  een zogenaamd "struggling moment" is 

Bob Moesta  => Linkedin profiel


“Value is a combination of the context I'm in, the place that I'm starting in, and the place I want to go. And the trade-offs I'm willing to make in order to get there.

Bob on the Total Addressable Market

"So this is where, you know, I always, I I feel sorry because most people think about the total addressable market as how many people out there can I sell to. And what they don't realize is they think about, well there's, you know, 18 million small businesses. Yeah. But how many people are struggling? Cuz most people don't need help unless they're struggling. So of the 18 million, how many are struggling with this? Are struggling with that. And so part of it is the why now is, is equally as important to who, So I always say it's who, when, where, and why. Those are the, that defines a market."
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